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CMR / Bill of lading

Based on your existing deliveries in Exact Online you can create the CMR – Bill of lading. With this application you can provide your transporter with the correct documents.

screenshot_vrachtbrief_v2.0.1By inserting your sales order in Exact online, the data is automatically connected and transferred to the Bill of lading.

By using the Regalo CMR – Bill of lading application, you are able to create a CMR – bill of lading, according to the transporters needs and wishes in a very easy way. After selecting the data you need in Exact Online and adding additional data, you can print the CMR – Bill of lading.

You create your sales orders, and from that your deliveries in Exact Online. By using the Regalo CMR – Bill of Lading application you are able to, in a very easy way, create a CMR – Bill of lading just like your transporter needs. Select the data you need from Exact Online, enrich the data if needed and print the CMR – Bill of lading.

The benefits of working with the Regalo CMR – Bill of lading application:

  • Saving time because the data is directly obtained from Exact Online.
  • No double entry (login) is necessary
  • Offers the possibility to add extra information, resulting in more flexibility.
  • Document history is stored in Exact Online including an example of the image of the total CMR – bill of lading.

The supported lay-out is based on pre defined laser CMR forms.

The CMR – Bill of lading application is compatible with all Exact Online versions that can create sales deliveries (Exact wholesale / Exact production) and is available in three versions:

- Exact online link
Basic + import module
- Exact online link
- Document import to Exact Online
- Exact online link
- Document import to Exact Online
- Item numbers / Statiscal numbers / weight (online level) and serial numbers

The Regalo Webapplications solutions are fully cloud based. Installation of extra software is not necessary. Sign up via the link below and start immediately.

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